HiyaHiya Product Review

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HiyaHiya Europe have approached me to do a review of some of their items. They are not paying me to do this review so you can be sure I’ll give you an honest opinion of the products. I have also published a video review which you can watch here.

There will be a giveaway announced soon, hopefully within the next week or two. The items will include HiyaHiya crochet hooks, stitch markers and a few goodies from me too. Keep reading for more information.

HiyaHiya are already well known for providing high quality knitting needles and accessories. After doing some research on the internet, I’ve come across many blog articles and reviews on sites (such as Amazon) which describe the high quality of their products and general high customer satisfaction after using the needles.

HiyaHiya gave me some flexibility regarding which products to review. As most of my followers and YouTube viewers are crocheters, I asked if they could send me a selection of crochet hooks. When I made an announcement on social media that I would be reviewing crochet hooks by HiyaHiya, I received some comments from people saying they were unaware the company made crochet hooks. This makes the task of reviewing these items all the more worthwhile.

I have been working with HiyaHiya knitting needles over the last two years. These are “HiyaHiya Sharp” fixed circular needles which I have been using to knit socks. They have been great to work with and now my “go to” company when considering buying new needles. Because of this, I have been particularly delighted to get the chance to try out their crochet hooks to see if they meet the same high standard as the knitting needles I’ve been using.

The hooks I received to review are in the following sizes –

1mm, 2.1mm, 3.5mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm

There is also a package of six stitch markers, each in a different colour and in the shape of a ball of yarn with a loop at the top. These are totally adorable and I will seriously consider purchasing some myself at some point, this set will be part of the giveaway. As they have a closed loop, they would not be suitable for attaching to a crochet stitch. One would be placed on a knitting needle between two stitches, such as the start of a pattern repeat. What I particularly like about them is that they are lightweight with a thin flexible loop which won’t take up any space in your work.

All the hooks have their size marked somewhere, either on the flattened area on the handle or nearer the end (on the larger sizes). These are raised, not printed, so they will not wear off. The 1mm and 2.1mm hooks are made from shiny nickel plated metal. The 3.5mm, 5mm, 7mm, and 10mm hooks are made from aluminium (aluminum). The 12mm and 15mm hooks are made from acrylic. Apart from the very small sizes, the hooks are different colours which I love to see in a set of hooks as it helps to quickly identify the size you are looking for, but of course all the hooks are marked with their size anyway. The mid-size hooks also have HiyaHiya branding printed on the handle.

I have worked some crochet stitches with all the hooks to get familiar with them, using appropriate weight yarn for each size. They are all a pleasure to use and glide nicely through the stitches. When using the 12mm and 15mm hooks, I can feel a subtle line left from the moulding process which runs along the length on both sides of both these hooks but I have not found this a problem or off-putting. It is worth mentioning that when using the very small sizes, the sizing of your stitches is dependent on a section of approximately ¾ inch at the tip end of the hook. Above that point, the rest of the hook is thicker which makes total sense as it prevents the crochet hook from bending with use.


There will be another written article and video announcing the giveaway package details soon. The package will include this set of crochet hooks and stitch markers plus some other goodies from me. There will be some requirements which will include being a subscriber to my YouTube channel and answering some questions about information on HiyaHiya’s website. Preferably, I would like to gather all entries to the giveaway in one place but I still need to decide definitely about that.

In the meantime, feel free to check out HiyaHiya products here. They have a wide selection of needles, hooks and accessories.