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About Zoe

I learnt to crochet and knit from my grandmother in around 1975. My first major project was a granny-square afghan for my bed when I was about 12 years old.  I needed something to do while stuck in the school sanatorium (a.k.a. "sick bay") suffering from flu. It seemed most of the girls at school had been struck with the illness and sniffling patients had to start occupying beds in dormatories as the sick bay was overflowing. I was bored and decided crochet was the way to go. The blanket sometimes falls apart in places but caringly fixed when needed by my mother who still keeps it on a bed at her home. I find it too embarrassing to look at but it's a great reminder of where I started.

I live in south-east England and married with two grown-up (but still dependant) boys. One is at university and the other has a job locally. We have a mixture of interests between us including medieval reinactment (our activities are not normally open to the public) and science fiction both of which take us to events. Often, all four of us are not co-ordinated in our lives to attend all these together. I have got involved in running the crochet and knitting groups within the medieval society which give my fingers the opportunity to keep doing what they love while at events.

Other interests include keeping up with the latest technology and watching science fiction shows, Dr Who is my favourite.  We are entering an exciting new era with the first female actor taking on the role of The Doctor. Other than yarn related videos, a lot of my YouTube watching habits include technology shows and reviews.  In particular, my favourite is the "Daily Tech News Show". I'm a "patron" (along with a couple of yarn related channels), which give extra benefits within the associated community. I was able to submit an intro for DTNS, which has been used several times over the last couple of years. If you are into technology, I highly recommend you check out DTNS. Although it has been set up primarily as an audio podcast, the show is streamed live as a video via and on YouTube (click here) five days a week at 9.30pm UK time, 4.30pm EST, 3.30pm CST, 2.30pm MT, 1.30pm PST. If you wish to hear a show with my intro, check out the one aired on 18th May 2016 (click here). The intro format has changed since then, so I am planning to submit another audio file and will see if they wish to use it.

Unfortunately, this is Police Public Call Box is not my real means of communication!

Feel free to contact me about patterns, videos and any other relevant subject.  Do you have any requests for particular patterns or tutorials?