Finding The Best Online Community

Many of us have been using computers and the internet for many years and for many purposes. These may include shopping for craft supplies, finding friends on Facebook, searching for patterns on Ravelry, finding inspiring pictures on Pinterest or Instagram, playing online games, watching YouTube how-to videos, etc. The list goes on and on almost endlessly with how useful the internet and world wide web is to us.

It doesn’t take long to find a group of like-minded people. These communities can take shape and congregate on a particular website or spread across several. Many of us who are active within crafting communities interact in more than one place, e.g. YouTube and Facebook or Ravelry and Instagram. Then there are many of us who are active with a group of friends in lots of social media and website places, not just one or two.

It has occurred to me over the last two or three years that I keep hearing the phrase “this is the best online community”. I hear this from different people within different communities, for example; a crochet community, a science fiction related community, a technology based community and other crafting communities.

How can they all be “the best”?

This is a fascinating question because I do not believe the answer is one particular group of people. How can more than one community be “the best”? I hear you ask. Think of the friends and groups you have connected with online over the last few years. There will have been far more you have interacted with, but you will have only stayed in contact with some of them and you will now consider them special friends and special groups or communities.

We all have interests and activities we enjoy. With a little research and work, we can discover great online communities and with time, great bonds are formed. Because of shared interests within a particular community and discovering many members have similar experiences, this community has to be “the best” community. It will be the best for you.

Interestingly, I don’t believe the answer ends there as many of us have more than one interest. For example maybe you also love reading, Star Wars movies, gardening, or metal detecting. Every online community you become involved with is potentially also just as great in similar ways. Our answer, therefore, may not be quite so straightforward!

How many diverse online groups are you involved with and are they all just as great in their own way? This is one of those topics I find fascinating.