craft fairs

Monday 16th May 2016

I'm hoping to make regular blog entries once a week and Monday afternoon seems like a good time for me for this. If I have time, I may post on other days too. I certainly have plenty of things I wish to talk about, many of which might not make an appearance in my videos.

What is happening in my corner of the yarniverse? I've been getting ready for two craft fairs happening locally in November. They have to be booked in advance, supplies ordered and items made. I'm intending to sell some "Plods" - a lovely crochet triceratops made to the pattern I purchased from HeidiBears (available on Ravelry, look for "Plod the African Flower Triceratops"). I have quite a large supply of hats, scarves, hooded scarves and covered hot water bottles and will be selling some of these too.

Plod the African Flower Triceratops (pattern by HeidiBears on Raverlry)

Plod the African Flower Triceratops (pattern by HeidiBears on Raverlry)

As most of you will know, I produce a video at least once a week (on Fridays) with occasional videos on other days. I've had some ideas for ages for tutorials on items I've previously shown in the videos. Now that we are getting better weather and I've been clearing clutter out of the house more, I am also getting more organised with paperwork and scheduling my time more efficiently. This means I should be able to actually get more of these video ideas recorded.

I've recently added some links to YouTube channels for those of you looking for help learning to crochet (see link on left) and will be focusing some time over the coming weeks to adding and improving this website.

Hope you are all doing well.