What Have I Been Up To?

I'm overdue writing a blog post, so many apologies for that. Let me fill you in a little with what I've been up to since I last posted and what I have planned coming up over the next few weeks.

In June, I went to Woolfest in Cumbria with a very special guest and friend from Australia. This is someone many of you know, Clare a.k.a. Bobwilson123 on YouTube. She was born in England and spent quite a few years here in the UK before moving out with her family to Australia. Clare came back with her father for six weeks over the summer primarily to visit family. It was a great pleasure to spend several days with Clare in the middle of her hectic whirlwind tour of the UK (and she had a trip elsewhere in Europe). I have pictures on Instagram taken during her visit and a video on YouTube about Woolfest.

I have also spent time visiting with friends and family over the summer including a trip to Minnesota for a couple of weeks, arriving home on 2nd September. It seems to take me ages to recover from jetlag, I'm feeling almost back to normal at this point (eight days later). The weekend after I arrived, we flew down to Albuquerque in New Mexico for a science fiction convention. It was a fun different flying experience as I actually got to fly with my friends this time instead of just being dropped off at the airport and then flying on my own to home - which is how it usually is when they take me to the airport.

As for my crochet and knitting online life, I have been busy making things over the summer and starting to get ready for craft fairs coming up in December. After the two week break in the US, I'm back to doing weekly videos again on YouTube. Regular video watchers will know I rarely don't upload a video on Fridays, I've only missed about four Fridays since I started weekly videos in 2013.

I have a list of ideas for articles to write for the website, patterns to write and also some tutorial ideas and I'm keen to get stuck into those shortly.

Hope you're all doing well and I'll see you all again soon!