Product Review & Giveaway Soon & Project Progress

It’s been an interesting week so far, makes me wonder what the rest of the week will bring! This morning, a package arrived from HiyaHiya Europe. They have asked me to review some of their products and I’m really looking forward to having a closer look at these items and letting you know what I think. HiyaHiya are not paying me to do this, they just want me to review the products so you can be sure you will get an honest review from me. My plan is to do a giveaway when I have finished the review. More details to come soon.

I am pleased to report that progress on crochet and knitting projects has been good, better than other weeks so far this year. Some of these projects are demonstration pieces for showing at “Unravel” – the yarn festival in Farnham (Surrey, UK) which is happening 16th to 18th February. These pieces include small squares which demonstrate different stitches and a square consisting of several granny squares and some granny triangles connected together. These will, of course, be shown in my regular Friday video this week.

There are lots of trips planned for this year, including another yarn festival in the north of England in the summer and two trips to the US. My first American trip is to Las Vegas at the end of April. I will need to do some research to see what yarn shops there are within easy reach of my hotel.

Hope all is well with everybody. See you soon!