Yarn festivals & 2018 travel plans

There are a couple of yarn festivals coming up shortly which I'm planning to attend. The first one is "Unravel" in February at the Farnham Maltings in Surrey, England (16th, 17th & 18th February). This is definitely happening as I'm involved with "drop-in" crochet sessions over the three days with my friend Kim who is part of the same local group. I haven't booked to go to the second one yet so won't talk about that until I know it's definitely going to happen for me.

I also have a couple of foreign trips planned but these are also not set in stone (flights not booked etc) so will wait until these arrangements have been made before talking a bit more about them. There's always a trip to the States in the planning, it's safe to say that!

The list of places I want to go to, people I want to see and events I want to attend is always longer than is feasible, unfortunately. I'll certainly be posting about trips and events as they come up. Instagram is a great place to see what I'm up to as they happen, you can find me there as "24 Carat Crochet".