2018 New Year Goals (Resolutions)

Happy New year!

Like many crafters I have known for a while, I generally prefer not to use the word "resolutions" and much prefer using the word "goals" as a means of helping myself keep on track. The word "resolution" is too harsh a word to apply to anything that should be a pleasurable activity.

In my first video of 2018 (click here) I talk about how my 2017 goals went and list my goals for 2018. I've created a thread in my Ravelry group (click here) with my list of goals for this year. You can also see the goals I set at the beginning of last year and the year before. Have you set yourself goals or resolutions?

Craftwise so far this year, I've not done much crocheting or knitting. But, I have been doing a lot of tidying, decluttering and reorganising of the contents of cupboards and drawers. This always makes me feel very good!  I hope to keep the momentum going throughout the year.