YouTube & Random Ramblings

I've made some progress with getting my life and house organised over the last week or two. So this has taken up much of my time recently.

As some of you may know, one of my other passions is technology and gadgets. I'm one of these people who seems to be continuously fiddling with something, if it's not crocheting or knitting, it's my phone. I've been experimenting with organisational and productivity type apps on my phone. I've also discovered better ways of using the calendar that comes as standard on the phone, more of the features in it and ways to display content which will (in theory) make a difference to getting things done. This, of course, will only happen if I spend time referring it for things to be done rather than spending the time fiddling more with it and the other apps on the phone!

We've done a nice amount of clearing out clutter from the loft but still have some more to do, which will include at least one more trip to the local household recycling centre. A lot of this has been old empty cardboard boxes, child car seats and old electrical things. I always feel good when we've taken a car load of "stuff" out of the house. My main household rule is - more should leave the house than enter it. Technically, this isn't an infinitely sustainable rule as we'd end up with an empty house, but if you start off with a pretty cluttered house like ours, this can work well for quite a long time.

YouTube Policy Changes

Many of you will be aware that YouTube have recently (January 2018) published changes to their policy regarding monetisation of channels which have under 1,000 subscribers and under 4,000 hours of watchtime over the last twelve months. That's not the number of hours of uploaded content, it's the collective amount of time spent by viewers watching videos of the channel. There are some deadlines in place to get the statistics up to these figures and for reapplying for monetisation if necessary. For more information, you can check out my video (click here) and YouTube's policy document (click here).