Tuesday 5th September 2017

It's been a couple of months since I last made a blog entry so let's get straight into crochet and life updates!

Each season seems to bring it's own challenges with demanding my attention in different ways. The summer is often filled with BBQ parties, holidays (vacations) and preparing my younger son for the next academic year. He'll be going back to university fairly soon, just starting his second year studying geo-physics. It's actually his third year at university, he started by studying geology then decided to switch.

I've still managed to get in plenty of crochet and knitting time and currently have several projects on the go. At least three projects are or will be long term projects. This means I am always on the lookout for projects that take up a lot less time. I've been into making several hats recently - two of them were commissions after a couple of ladies saw my recent spider hat creation.

I have recently ordered some equipment which will help make recording more fun. Not expensive items, just a couple of behind the scenes things which will make it possible to make recordings from different angles easier.

How are you guys with being organised generally? Do you find procrastination a problem? Working from home can be very distracting! I have been developing a system over the last few months which in theory should help me focus more on tasks I need to do. Apart from yarn crafts, other interests of mine include technology and my office set up. I was a secretary and PA in former lives and am happy surrounded by gadgets as well as my collection of diaries, notebooks and other office stuff. I always strive to be more organised, doesn't always work but I can try aiming high!

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