Sunday 2nd July 2017

Hi Guys. I’m definitely overdue with writing a blog post here so today’s post is a little about what I’ve been up to and my planned writing schedule.

The good news is, I’m getting my online life a lot more organised and have sorted out a solution to my domain name problem. I’ll explain this briefly. My domain name (ending in is hosted by one company and this website content is hosted by a different company (Squarespace). Unfortunately, currently, Squarespace doesn’t offer hosting for domain names ending in “”, which is why I have it hosted elsewhere and redirected here to the content on Squarespace. Today I have created a new domain name through Squarespace (the same name but ending in ".com") and the original one still works. So, it won’t matter which one people use, they will still end up in the same place.

With the way the domain name was set up, the problem was I couldn’t link a specific page (i.e. a blog entry) from this website to post elsewhere and have my domain name show up in the link. I have now solved this problem. This may seem a little trivial but it mattered to me and the way I want to keep things consistent with branding.

So, I think that’s enough tech-talk for now! Regarding crafting activities, I’m working hard but slowly on various projects at the moment. It’s a little slow going because I’ve also been hard at work (more than usual) at decluttering the house. I generally do more tidying, cleaning and decluttering between Easter and July than most other times of the year because we have more visitors in the summer so get the urge to do something about the mess that accumulates at other times of the year. I’ve been visiting the local community recycling facility a few times, along with making full use of the curb side refuse and recycling facilities. And, in fact, we’ve had too much recycling to fit in the large recycling wheelie bin which only gets collected every two weeks. We have one or two major tasks ahead of us including reducing bunk beds in one son’s bedroom down to a single bed and help him declutter unwanted stuff from his room.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve purchased some USB desk fans which can be powered by plugging them into a computer or a wall socket with an appropriate USB plug. Great little devices. Of course, the weather cooled down here in England as soon as I got hold of them so you can blame me for the temperature change! I’ve even taken one with me to a “knit & natter” group and had it sat on the table, plugged into my portable external battery pack (which is generally used for my phone charging when I’m out and about).

So I promised you something about a writing schedule. I had always intended to write blog posts weekly and I still intend to do this. I’ve recently downloaded an organising app on my phone called “Things3” which has certainly helped me schedule things and organise my life. You may know that a little while ago, I created a Wordpress account and I’ve posted a few things over there. I would like to keep that going too so I’ll have to decide which place is best for what type of content. Mondays or Tuesdays are likely to be my best days for writing website content, so watch this space!

Anyway, I think that will be all for now. Hope you are all doing well and I’ll see you all again soon!

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