Wednesday 13th July 2016

Well, what an exciting couple of weeks! Sorry for the lack of blog posts over the last three weeks. I arrived home from the US yesterday from my ten day trip (12 if you include my travelling days) and I know it's going to take me too long to recover from jetlag.

I was able to post some pictures and short videos on various social media places. This time, I deliberately cut down on the amount of gadgets I took with me so no camera (other than the one on my phone) or laptop. My friend Edie was happy for me to use her computer but I decided to try staying clear of that in case I got too sucked in to using it too much. In fact, the only thing I used it for was to "check in" for my flight home.

Now I need to sort through the pictures and video clips and get them posted as a video on YouTube. It should be an easy task as there's only one device to transfer everything from. As you might have guessed, I bought plenty of yarn (despite my original plan to keep it to a minimum) so there will be a haul video coming soon!

What's in store now? Well, would you believe I'm well into the planning stages of a visit to the States again? I'll be meeting up with a few yarnie friends in October for a trip to Rhinebeck and will be in the area for a few days, then I'll be catching a domestic plane trip to Minnesota again for another visit with my friend Edie. You'll be hearing more about plans nearer the time.

Hope you are all doing well. I'll be doing a video on Friday and perhaps one before that, depends how organised I can get! See you soon!