Tuesday 7th June 2016

Summer is definitely here in the south of England, warm and humid today with very little breeze. This means, with most of the windows of the house open, it's still pretty hot and humid. I think even if we get some rainy days now, the general overal temperature won't dip down too much.

My plan to get blogs posted every Monday isn't particularly working, as you will have noticed. But I am pleased to see I am able to blog once a week. I will still aim for Monday but if blogs appear a day or two later, I will be happy with that and it means I'm not pressurising myself too much.

Housework, general decluttering and tidying of the house is picking up speed now the weather is getting better. The enthusiasm to get the place as straight as possible is fuelled by two main things - (1) I'll be leaving the family to fend for themselves for around 12 days in July and (2) we have a load of friends visiting in the summer so the place needs to be tidy and clean. I like the place to be straight before I leave the family at home on their own as it makes it easier for them and my husband often takes the opportunity to do some DIY (he has previously done some painting or installing a new door).

We were away last weekend at a medieval event. This one was run as a crafts workshop weekend and I was organising the workshop for crocheters. I am happy to report it was successful and fun. Several people were given crochet kits containing a set of wooden hooks, metal stitch markers, metal folding scissors, two balls of yarn, instructions on how to make a granny square and a picture guide on the most common crochet terms in UK terminology. My plan was to run the workshop giving people help with crochet techniques but also for people to work from home afterwards. These are all people I meet up with regularly anyway so they can continuously ask for help next time we see each other.

With three Plods under my belt (Plod the African Flower Triceratops, pattern by HeidiBears on Ravelry), I've decided I have to get the second sock finished using West Yorkshire Spinners "Peacock". However far I get with it, I'll be showing progress in Friday's video.

Anyway, I think that'll be it for today's blog. Back to doing some knitting on my sock and I'll see you on Friday.