Thursday 23rd June 2016

Today the UK public are voting on whether the UK should stay or leave the EU. Both the "kids" are old enough to vote, so we all walked down to the polling station earlier this evening and placed our crosses on bits of paper and walked home again. We are not big on politics in our household but believe in the democratic process and should take up our right to vote.

The weather has been interesting over the last 24 hours with the same rainfall last night that normally falls in a month. There were a lot of lightning strikes and thunder. I love a good thunderstorm. This has probably affected several polling stations - I know of one which had to relocate to a place 20 minutes away.

In Yarn related news, I was particularly excited to be contacted by Yarnbox a couple of weeks ago asking if they could use a photograph of mine on Ravelry of my "English Clouds Hat" pattern for their blog page called "Free Pattern Friday". They stated they would give me credit. Of course I said yes and very delighted to see the page up last Friday with my name linking back to my Ravelry store. Very exciting indeed. Here's their blog page - click here

Very slow progress over the last week or so on current projects and suspect nothing will be finished for tomorrow's video. I will still have plenty to talk about though! It's all busy at the moment with planning trips and events coming up over the summer.

See you in tomorrow's video.