Wednesday 15th June 2016

I've been on a big cleaning and tidying mood over the last few weeks so I have to take advantage of it while it's visiting! It's getting me in the mood for trips coming up over the next few months as I keep coming across things I will need for travelling. The amount of junk going out of the house is rather satisfying. One of the rules I live by for tidying and general decluttering the house is - ensure more goes out of the house than comes into it. That applies to everything, doesn't have to be like for like. For instance, if we do a load of shopping (food, clothes, yarn etc), anything unwanted going out of the house such as unwanted cardboard, old shoes etc count against the incoming items but should aim to be more items.

My younger son came back from university for the summer last weekend. His room is currently clean and tidy after a major overall while he was away, even after putting all his possessions back up there. Getting my older son's room in the same state may be more of a challenge as he is based at home and we need to remove one of the beds of his bunk beds, as well as declutter the room generally.

A small amount of yarn "found" it's way into the house this morning. Not much, just enough to make a small crochet toy duck for the neighbours of my inlaws. My mother-in-law found a really cute crochet duck pattern and asked if I could make it. Shouldn't take long and I'll talk about it in Friday's video.

That's about all to report this week, not on Monday again so this Monday thing isn't going to work! Doing a weekly blog is certainly not a problem but keeping to a fixed day of the week is a little more challenging! I hope you are all doing well and I'll see you in Friday's video.